What are your Goals for this upcoming year, 2019?

Mastering your growth is Critical if you want to have the best year you could imagine while Yellow Pages are Dead.

Why Does It Matter?

Yellow pages are dead? Of course, less than 1/10 of 1% of people even bring yellow pages into their home. Most of the people that do are marketers, finding businesses that waste money on marketing! Yes that is true, we even do that!!
But the days of being able to call up Pacific Bell, AT&T, or whatever Bell company you had in your area, or phone company, and paying them tons of money and it exploding your business, are completely over!

Well then, How Can My Business Get Explosive Growth?

There are 4 Assets, EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS Must Manage, in order to attain the best growth.

What are they?

1) Your Lists

What Lists? The most important is your list of Current 'Patrons' (Customers, Patients, Clients, Guests, Members, whatever....)... the second, which is almost as important is your Email List, those Interested in what you do.
It is so important to grow a list if you do not have one. Using that list, is how you get growth, but it is not enough to just do that... Your next best asset is your relationship to that list. So you must nurture that list, take care of them, show you care, spend time with them in ways you have not even thought about...

Even that is not enough... what else?

2) Your Social Media List

Social Media? Did you know that Social Media can do better than Yellow Pages EVER Did? I mean, EVER, Forever!!!

How does Social Media help more then Yellow Pages ever did? Just Imagine...
John Doe, looked up your business on yellow pages, he came, he paid, he became a customer... it stopped there. Maybe he would refer 10 other people. Hopefully.
How does Social Media do better? Well, John Doe, may have 100 friends, and when he checks in, or shares his visit with social media, that can reach all 100 of this friends, but then if they click like or share, that can go to tons and tons of others! With a single CLICK! So Social Media, is critical to any business. I challenge you to tell us a business that cannot use Social Media, if you are right, we'll do something for FREE for you!!! (Something of our choice of course)... but we don't think you can find a business that cannot benefit by utilizing Social Media.

That begs the question, how can you use Social Media that effectively?

That is the Critical Part, for your explosive Growth. Knowing that, is what costs SO MUCH MONEY for the best companies to manage your Social Media. Very few know the correct secrets, and we are EXPERTS at this, that is why this is on this list!

3) Your 'Pixel' List

Say What? What in the world is a Pixel List? Are we talking about that old thing that made some people a million dollars? Putting a pixel ad on a page and 1 million pixels so it looked crazy? but made those people tons of money?
Real Example: (© Million Dollar Home Page)

No Way!!! Those were a craze, for sure, for $1.00 per 1x1 pixel you could buy as many as you want, and some people would look through it, and find businesses that way, but wow, 1 million pixels? could they really see you within all the clutter?

get out of here with that idea. That craze faded into memory. Million dollar home page... wow.
So, then, what is YOUR Pixel list, your REAL one?

Did you know that 90%+ of people that see your website, LEAVE within seconds? And you can barely see them as a bloop on your analytics page! You have no idea who they are! That is what a pixel fixes... it drops a pixel on 100% of people that see your website, even if they leave 1/10 of 1 second after they see it! No matter how fast they leave, a pixel gets dropped on their browser... So building that LIST is A VERY CRITICAL thing you can do to find explosive growth.

Why so critical? Because you can then put ads on 99% of the public web, to bring them back when they are ready to do business with either you, or your competitor. If you are putting an ad online for 'Retargeting', then you'll be the one in front of them... so you may get more of them to come to you instead of to your competition. Imagine now, John Doe, visits your page, he bounces off, and 30 days later, he is ready to do business, and he noticed that everywhere he went, he seen your business(ads)! So you stayed in his top of mind awareness, who do you think he will do business with? YOU! So how many can you gain that left? 1 more? 10 more? 100 more? That depends on how well you manage your pixel list!!!

What a powerful way to literally EXPLODE your Growth!

Those are the most important... right? NO! What is MORE Important?

Your most CRITICAL asset is your 5 Star Reputation Online.

What is entailed in your Reputation Asset?

You must manage your reputation. You have to make sure you avoid bad reviews, bury any you do get with tons and tons of reviews, every single day, gaining more and more... and more... That way you have fresh reviews coming in, that demonstrate how great your business is, over ALL Of your competition.
You must also market your reputation. Putting great 5 star reviews on ads, is the most powerful way to find explosive growth. Businesses we help with their reputation find 300% growth, in just 90 days when jumping in with both feet. Those that just sign up, and barely do anything, they too find small growth, but taking this part serious, really, really helps with the first 3 assets, above... Your Lists...

When a Business Manages those Assets Correctly They experience more Explosive Growth!!

This is what we do the very best.... We are able to Build your Reputation and Market it to get More New of Your Customers (whatever you call them).

How We Work...

We Work For YOUR Company!
There are few things more important than taking care of these 4 assets of your business. We are experts at all 4 of these assets, taking care of them for businesses, building them, managing them, growing them, marketing to them, helping them...

How do we do it?

We start your business off with a Paid Audit. You pay for the Audit, because it creates a plan of action. You must find out what problems you have to address, in order to find exponential growth for 2018. It starts with getting an indepth audit of your full business.

Our Mission is to make working with us a win for everyone, and then us. So don't think we want you to open your coffers and dump your money into our wallets. Our goal is to build something for you, that will help you make a minimum of a 10x ROI.... so that it is like a money print press. Of course, we cannot guarantee any ROI, but that is our main goal, because if we build something that works great for you, then you'll keep coming to us, thereby allowing us to create amazing jobs as well. Our hope is that as you make more profits, you'll provide raises to your employees, and expand to hopefully create more high paying jobs.

So get started by first getting us to do the Profit Maximizer Audit, it is only $999 and is 100% risk free, because if you hire us to work the plan on your behalf, thereby partnering with us, then we apply it towards the purchase order, if you use the plan for yourself, then you'll have a plan that will make you more profitable, and if you don't like it, then we'll keep the plan and give you at least $999 worth of value in other services we provide that can help you in other ways. So you get full value at the very minimum. Thereby, no risk to you.

Get Started Now, Order our Profix Maximizer Audit

Make 2019 The Most Explosive Growth Year You've Seen!