We have been working hard on setting up our customer ordering and management system. We are nearly 100% complete with it.

Very shortly, we'll have 100% of all of our packages being able to be setup, paid and managed through this system.

So, register today. You don't have to order anything to register, you may register at any time by just going to the client area or order area and above in the black bar, in the right
corner, you'll see "Account". Click that and it will drop down, Login or Register. Click on Register and create your account.

Make sure you enter your chosen password, we will use that to create various other logins you may need to access your full suite of products from Actuated Marketing.

We are working very hard to get this done and on our current customers accounts, so join us and let's become successful together.

We are very excited to work with you on all of your needs.

Thank you and again, Welcome!

Richard Jones

Managing Member of Actuated Marketing, LLC

Friday, June 13, 2014

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