What are the Benefits?

We are asked just about everytime someone holds the cards in their hand, what are the benefits of sending out a lot of offers from multiple businesses?

The answer can be found, below...

Get Your Business Directly in Front of THOUSANDS
of Local Buyers Instantly Without Breaking the Bank!


  • Completely Done For You Co-op Mailer for and by Local Businesses to Minimize Cost (less than 15 cents per piece no matter the size) and Maximize Exposure (potentially up to 30,000 customers!)
  • 5,000 or 10,000 Giant Billboard Style Postcards mailed to 5,000 or 10,000 homes (targeted to higher incomes/property values) and businesses in your surrounding neighborhoods
  • Optional 5,000 or 10,000 flyers distributed at high foot traffic locations (grocery stores, hospitals, library, hotels, etc)
  • You get EXCLUSIVE space – No competing businesses allowed – Only one pizzeria, one auto repair shop, one florist, one electrician, one dentist, one sandwich shop, one mexican food, one chinese food etc.
  • 9” x 12” (yes it’s a foot long and nine inches wide) Postcard - largest size mail piece allowed by the post office without folding – giving instant and unhindered visibility to each and every business on the postcard
  • The postcard is professionally designed, colorful, distinctly visible and weather/handling proof as it’s printed on 14pt heavy card stock with glossy UV protection on both sides!
  • We handle the entire process of professional design and printing, shipping and handling, storage, and sorting and delivery to the local post office, and the fee you pay, covers it ALL!
  • Your business is always front and center - not only that you get maximum exposure at a minimum cost – consumers hold on to these postcards for longer time (compared to other mailers in envelopes and magazine ads) as there are several businesses on there that interest them – they put it on their coffee table and fridge. We try to put at least one food place from every out to eat types of restaurants and fast food joints. So that way when people see something they like, they keep the whole card. Then when they are looking at the business they do like, human nature has them look over the others too that is when YOU get seen!! Or perhaps your business is the reason they kept the whole card!!)
  • 98% of consumers check their mail daily and 85% examine their mail for offers/coupons
  • 65% consumers have tried a new business after receiving a direct mail piece
  • Direct mail delivers higher return on investment for local businesses than other printed media!
  • No other medium in existence can place you so quickly in front of the entire neighborhoods local to you like this postcard can! It can even help you bring business in from the other side of your city if you are in a suburb!

There is one more benefit...  Ad Spaces Are Exclusive, Limited and First Come First Served. You probably picked up on that above, however, that is a Important Point. LIMITED! Exclusive. You can be SHUT OUT from being on the card going out in your city, two ways, 1 all spots are filled and 2, your direct competitor jumps on board! Don't let that happen. Signup Today. You can even signup with as little as 60% of the adspace, as a good faith deposit!

We hope that explains the benefits much clearer than just saying, "Because people look at it when they check their mail, because it is huge, and has nothing to open! Boom they see it.

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