Our Postcard Mailers versus Other Advertising Formats

Direct $aving$ Benefits Versus Other Advertising Formats…

  • Our Direct Mail Co-Ops are awesome, even better are the 9" x 12" postcards that have been described as a billboard in the mailbox – it can’t be missed (so your ad has the maximum chance of being seen).
  • Most People sort their mail over the trash can.  ValPak and others often get tossed because they look like junk mail  (even if their ads are cheaper, ads don’t do much good if they get thrown in the trash).

    Contrast this with the 9x12…some people who’ve received them in the mail think they are not supposed to throw them out. 

    Guaranteed, it gets looked at.
  • Ads are not buried in some envelope or leaflet – product is only 2 sided so your specific ad will get seen.
  • Spots are for local businesses only – no chains that are not local to you (so your offer doesn’t have to ride along beside the guys with deep pockets trying to kill your business).
  • Spots are exclusive – only 1 roofer, 1 pizzeria, 1 dentist, etc (so you’re not paying to ride along with your competition).

Other advertising is harder to get seen because there are usually pages to open or turn, before they can be seen. Think of Newspapers, most people are so attuned to newspaper ads, they ignore them. Newspapers are struggling too, because of the internet, just like Yellow Pages. Of course Yellow Pages are practically dead, so newspapers are more open and read then Yellow Books are. However, if you put an ad in there, you cannot afford to put it on page 1 above the fold, so that everyone who see's the paper see's the ad. If you can afford that, then you should be on our postcards every single time we mail them out. Seriously. Other than the front page above the fold, newspaper ads are very rarely seen, so most people do not notice them.

Magazines rely upon subscriptions and people the buy them at the store, and people hate the ads in them, for the most part. They tend to think there should be no ads, because they actually paid for the issue. They are partially correct, magazines charge a LOT of money for ads, so much profit in them, the people should get them for FREE. So people just tend to skip the ad pages. So the percentage of people that receive them, that see your ad, are very low.

Come that to our postcard, where nearly 98% are guaranteed to look over the card, because they cannot miss it. They touched it, pulled it out of the mail box. So most will see the ads on the card. If they see a business they like on it, they will keep the card. Or if they see an offer they want to try, they keep the card. Every time they look at the card to cut out an offer, they may see YOUR ad again, or perhaps it was YOUR ad they were cutting out.

No matter how you look at it, our 9" x 12" postcards are like mini-billboards. Except, Billboards, get passed by every car, but most people never look at them, because they are paying attention to the road. Passengers may scan them, however, they go by so fast, will they really remember your ad when they get home? Probably not. That is why if you actually track billboard responses (Yes it can be done and we can do it for you, if you do billboard advertising), you'll see that you get very little if no response at all. They simply don't get looked at as often as the sales people that work for the billboards tell you. Yes, cars DO go by them. But can they honestly say that every person in every car see's it? What about cars with only the driver in them? They are watching the road and probably did not even know there was a billboard there.

Oh but, wait, you paid $3,000 for your billboard ad, and you drove by an seen it, so everyone must see it too. That logic does not make since, you were looking for it because you had a vested interest. Consumers were never told you must look at billboards or else, so they have no vested interest at all. They are just consumers on the go.

So the fact is that these direct mail co-op ads are the best way possible, more benefits than any other printed ads can do.

If you want to know more, have questions or comments, please call us at the number on the top of every page on our website.

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