Solo Ads - Are they for me?

So the 9" x 12" postcards, are business co-op advertising. How do they work for just one business? Is it for every business?

We know the question you really want to know, is this... Is it for me?

There is no doubt, that being the ONLY business on a 9" x 12" postcard in the mail is a Fantastic way to get exposure for your business.

There may be times it would be more appropriate than others as well. So we wanted to tell you some things that it would be very beneficial
for you to do a solo post card. Keep in mind, that the 9" x 12" has the best way to get eyes on it. That does not mean that if you do a solo
ad, that you MUST do a 9" x 12". A 9" x 12" is the most expensive postcard out there, to mail out. So it may be better to do, say a 6" x 12",
which is a little more economical.

With that said, here are circumstances where a solo ad may be of benefit to you.

  1. Your Average Profit Margin Per Customer is over $400.00 - If that is the case, then a Large Postcard, can help you every time, because,
    all you need are just a few sales to cover the expense.
  2. You are doing a Grand Opening or a Grand Re-Opening. - If you are just opening, a 9" x 12" postcard is a GREAT way to get people in
    to your business for a Grand Opening. If you did a remodel and are re-opening, a 9" x 12" postcard is also a great way to get people back
    in to your place of business.
  3. You are launching a new product or service - This is a way to let people know that you've added something you have never done before, or that
    you did before but stopped doing. Get people's attention, and offer them something great to come back in and give it a shot.
  4. Under new Ownership or Management. - If you had a rough time before, or a Bad Reputation, then doing a 6" x 12" postcard should be a great
    way to get people's attention and let them know you've made a drastic change, and try to drive them back in to experience an all new business,
    because things have for sure changed.
  5. You need a Tax Write off and can use more exposure. - Let's be honest, there are other ways you can spend your money that would feel better,
    like giving an employee a nice bonus for a job well done, or donating it to a charity that helps children, like we do. That aside, if your business
    could use more new customers, patients or clients, then getting on a solo postcard can really help you achieve that exposure, and provide you
    with a nice tax deductible write-off, while helping your business.
  6. You have money to burn. You can never go wrong in getting more and more exposure. If you have a hole in your pocket, getting a solo ad out
    for your business, can have some great benefits. You should call in and talk to one of our consultants, who can help you get the best thing done
    while you are putting that money out of your pocket, instead of blowing it on something that you may regret later.
  7. Your competition is doing better than you at staying busy. If your competition is thriving, you can do a lot worse than to do a direct mail that every
    person who gets it will see it, scan it and possibly do whatever your call to action asks them to do. Granted, you can do the same thing on the co-op.
  8. You don't like other businesses in your area. Let's be honest, there are feuds out there. there are some people that rub us the wrong way and we just
    do not care to help them or be next to them. Granted most of us are pretty likable, so we like just about everyone, there are a few people we do turn
    away because we just would not want to be in business with them. To use it is about integrity. Whatever your reason is, if you need to get exposure and
    you just don't want to be on there with other businesses even if they are not your competition, then doing a Solo Offer is a great way to get the people
    looking at your business and only yours at that time.

So there are many reasons why this may be for you, with that said, let's say that Solo Ads will be too expensive for the common small business, especially one
that is struggling with cash flow issues. For Solo Ads, we do have a financing offer, when you pay for a certain percentage up front, we may be able to finance
the balance with a simple interest, 6 month or 12 month offer. Just contact us to see what we may be able to do.

If you are interested in getting on direct mail, give us a call, whether it before a Solo Ad or to join the Business Co-Op in your area.
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