How often do you mail out your business co-op postcards?

You don't want to see a giant postcard every day, or every week. In fact, it seems the best results we get are when postcards come at least 4 weeks apart. In fact, 4 to 6 weeks sees the best results.

So we do our Postcards monthly, with at least 5 weeks apart. We schedule them 4 weeks apart, however, we allow 1 extra week to actually get it in the mail, because of some businesses that make us hunt them down to get what we need for their ad position.

If a business takes too long, we'll move them to the next postcard and they will lose their position on the current card. Which can pose a problem. Say they paid for a 5,000 amount of postcards, and the next one is going to 10,000. How would we handle that? They can either pay the difference, or forfeit the money the paid for the last one.

We never want to damage our relationship with our clients, we want lifetime clients, not a single run client. So we will do our best to make all parties happy. Please see our other Direct $aving$ knowledgebase post, about refunds and deposits, for more information on our policies.
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