What is your Refund and Deposit Policy?

We do get asked frequently about our Refund and Deposit policy, so we wanted to create this, to let it be clear how we handle this.

First of all, once you pay a deposit or for the full ad, we reserve your ad, plus we lock out all of your competition. Because of that, we have to turn away business.

Therefore, in view of the foregoing, we must have it where the refund period can only be 24 hours, after that, there are NO Refunds, because we more than likely had to turn away other businesses that are your competition, and for sure, we
stopped contacting your competition for the current mailing, therefore, it would really hurt our company and the other businesses that signed up, therefore the refund period may not be extended past 24 hours.

So our policy is very clear. We will not return money to someone who has reserved an ad and paid any money towards it, AFTER 24 hours. There are no exceptions to the policy.

With that said, we value your relationship we have with your business. So we will do all we can, within reason, to remedy any problems you faced which made you decide to cancel getting your ad on the Giant Local Marketing Mailer. 
It may be that we will provide other services, to make sure you are happy with your decision to join us, even if we don't put your ad on the card because you tell us not to do so. If you paid for the ad, you may as well stay on it,
but if you decide that mailing it would just not work out, we can not put you on it and if we do get one of your competitors on it, then we can consider refunding most of your money, less any design fee charges.

What happens if we cannot sign up the full amount of businesses we are looking for, will we refund the money?
If we are not able to signup at least 8 of the adspaces available to join the mailer, then we will refund the money paid for the ads. If we do signup at least 8 other businesses and they buy the adspaces, for at least 8 total spaces reserved, we will fill the spaces ourselves and then mail out the card as soon as possible, so no refunds will be paid out. In that instance, we do allow Bigger Businesses (not direct competition with one of the businesses already on the mailer) to purchase adspace on the mailer,
to finish filling it out, so that way the residents getting the mailer will have a full slate of offers on both sides of the mailer.
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