Chantelle Jones is a Marketing Manager for our Company

Chantelle Jones

Chantelle was born in Bend, Oregon and grew up in Alaska, having moved to Oklahoma at a young age, she has lived in Oklahoma since about age 6.
She is the Wife of Richard Jones, and mother of their 4 children. She is passionate about her family and loves that we are able to help businesses find success.

She used to work in call centers and is a very good Graphic Artist, singer and has a great eye for how things should look for graphics.

Chantelle is someone we believe you will love once you come to know her. Everywhere she goes people are drawn to her, in fact, often times, she takes a longer at stores just because everyone wants to talk to her and she will never turn people away who want to converse. She is just that sweet of a person.

Chantelle is a Marketing Manager, she is able to offer any of the following services to any business in the United States of America.
Local Marketing Mailers
U.S. Mobile Helpers
Actuated Marketing

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