Years ago Warren Buffet said, "Business Reputations can take 20 Years to Build and Take Only 15 Minutes to Destroy!" - Today with Reviews, that is More True than Ever Before in History. Reputation Marketing is about helping you have the Training and Tools Necessary to Build a Online 5 Star Reputation, Manage Your Online 5 Star Reputation and Market Your Online 5 Star Reputation - all with the goal to Help You Get More Paying Visitors IN Your Offline Location!

Reputation Marketing

Reputations Exist Online, and Since that IS TRUE, then your Business also has Online Reputations (Yes Plural, multiple ones), All Over The Web!!
There is Facebook, Yellow Book, Bing and So Many More... The Most Important of All of them is of course Google!

Why Does It Matter?

It Matters because New People Discover Your Company, Online, at those Websites and when they do, they see Your Reviews!
Google is the KING of Search Results, and as such it is Extremely Likely that more people find you from Google, then all of the others combined...
And Google showcases your reviews as well.

Here is an example:

What Do You Want People To See?

Because there are Hundreds of Directories, like Google, Yellow Book, etc and dozens of Social Media Sites that Showcase Your Reviews, You Being in the Know, is crucial! In the Image Above, which business would you want to be? The one with NO Reviews? or the one getting all the calls because of the super strong reputation?

So as you can see Your Reputation, proceeds you, online, if people don't like what they see, they will go with your competition.

That is why Repuation Marketing is critical to your business. Now that you understand the image above and how critical it is to your reputation, let me drive a nail in that, for you...

How Critical Your Reputation Is...

Imagine you are Dr. Andrew Minnigh, DDS, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. You have No Reviews, no Stars, and you spend your marketing budget. Lets assume your marketing budget is 1/2 of what everyone elses is, lets assume it is $1500 per month. So you spend your marketing budget and it gets 50 brand new people to look at your dentistry. Then those people see you have no reviews, so they take a look at your competition, and see Ocean Dental has 87 Reviews and 4.4 Stars, much better...

Think they will call Your Dentistry? or Oceans Dental?

Most of them that find you through your marketing, then, would call Oceans Dental, so what just happened?

Your Marketing Budget, Just Helped Your Competition MORE THAN YOU!!!!!!!

That is INSANE!!!!

Dr. Minnigh, may as well give the biggest portion of his marketing budget to Oceans Dental!!!

Totally Insane, Right?

That is one of the BIGGEST Reasons why Working on your Reptuation, Every Single Day, is Critical. We Highly Recommend that you take 1/3 of your marketing budget and put it soley on working for your Reputation. 1/3. Minimum. Because you don't want to have the above scenario play out and you be the one that loses money, everyday.

Yes, Every, Single, Day...

Why Every Day?

Here is why. Ocean Dental Looks pretty good at first glance, right? 87 Reviews, 4.4 Stars... they must be sitting pretty... Number 1 on the Map...

Nope. Let me show you why...

Ocean Dentals Problem

See the Problem? Their Reviews are not current. People who look at the reviews to see what they can expect, see just a little while ago, they received a very bad rating(only 2 stars), then only a few good reviews after that, and then NOTHING.

That leaves people wondering... Hmm, if they are so good, why has no one said anything for 2 weeks? Why are their reviews a few weeks apart?

So they keep looking, to find a Dentist that has more current, real reviews, that are more insightful, and more appealing.

Oceans Dental, at first glance, may appear to be better than Dr. Andrew from the above image examples, but upon investigating, even they are doing it WRONG.

Every Day. Every. Single. Day! You should be focusing on your reputation, afterall, what else do you have, if not a great reputation?

But you are busy, right? You don't have time to manage it all.

So Hire Someone to do it for you.

What is the Average Salary of a Reputation Manager? That is something to consider.

Google Search: reputation manager average salary Featured Snippet Result:

$49,665 Per Year! For 1 Person to Manage Your Reputation!!

You Don't Make Money Managing...

You Make Money Marketing!
Instead of paying a huge salary for 1 person to manage your reputation, hire an agency like ours who are Reputation Experts and will take care of everything you need for your Reputation, for less than 25% of a Managers Salary and you get a WHOLE TEAM Working on Your Reputation for you, every day!

We are Reputation Experts. As Such, we see 3 Areas of a Reputation You MUST Focus on...

Build - Your Reputation

You have to have someone who can Build the Tools You Need to have to Help you BUILD a REAL, 5 Star Online Reputation! Building covers your 'Tools' and Everything else that you must have in place!
Average Cost for Someone To Do This Per Month: $879

Manage - Your Reputation

You have to have someone who can Manage the Tools You Have to have to Help you BUILD a REAL, 5 Star Online Reputation! Managing covers Monitoring What people say about your business and where, as well as giving you the ability to respond to everyone! It involves 24/7 Monitoring, making sure everything is in place, that everyone of your employees are trained, that they are using the tools built in phase 1 to help you build your strong reputation, everyday.
Average Cost for Someone To Do This Per Month: $1,267

Marketing - Your Reputation

Marketing is one of the more critical elements to help you grow your profits. It is about taking amazing reviews that people left from Phases 1 and 2, and Marketing those through various channels to showcase your strong reputation, reach new people, and help you convert more people into real paying visitors, everyday.
Average Cost for Someone To Do This Per Month: $1,998

Everything Brought Together

Build + Manage + Marketing = Reputation Marketing - That is Doing Everything the Right Way... and doing it the right way would cost a fortune if you hire people in each different role, and that is assuming you could get people to work for that cheap, who are Reputation experts... So will individuals you employ even do it right? So that it works and makes a real difference?
Average Cost for Someone To Do All of this Per Month: $4,144!!

How We Work...

We Work For YOUR Company!
There are few things more important than saving money, when it comes to business, because you need to profit to pay your employees what they are worth, to keep your doors open, and to make a profit so you can feed your family and hopefully build a legacy.

As said above, we are Reputation Experts. As Such, We have people already working on each of the 3 phases above, for businesses we work with. Adding another business is easy, because we have a process in place. That process allows us to scale at a level few of our competitors are able to. So when we take on your business, it fits within our business model, so we can do EVERYTHING for you, at a discount over what it would cost you to take on all these roles internally.

What you need starts with an Audit, to find the best plan of action you can take to get a 10x PLUS - ROI...

Don't just jump in on something... Imagine you're going to a place you've never been, and you really need to make it there on time, you must know your correct starting point, so you can map out the best way to get there, otherwise you may end up losing time, money, and get totally lost...

It is the same way, you cannot reach all of your goals if you don't have an accurate picture of where you are at right now.

Maybe you think you know your business, but to find out the best course of action, our Profit Maximizer Audit will identify all the key areas you must address, before you spend another penny on anything else when it comes to marketing and/or advertising. Seriously, did you know your marketing dollars can be growing your competition instead of you? This is as serious as a heart attack. Don't have one, our Profit Maximer Audit is going to help you figure out if that is happening and how to stop the bleeding.

In view of the foregoing, we start your business off with a our Profit Maximizer Audit, as mentioned. It is an indepth audit, that takes a lot of our time.

Our Mission is to make working with us a win for everyone, and then us. So don't think we want you to open your coffers and dump your money into our wallets. Our goal is to build something for you, that will help you make a minimum of a 10x ROI.... so that it is like a money print press. Of course, we cannot guarantee any ROI, but that is our main goal, because if we build something that works great for you, then you'll keep coming to us, thereby allowing us to create amazing jobs as well. Our hope is that as you make more profits, you'll provide raises to your employees, and expand to hopefully create more high paying jobs.

So get started by first getting us to do the Profit Maximizer Audit, it is only $999 and is 100% risk free, because if you hire us to work the plan on your behalf, thereby partnering with us, then we apply it towards the purchase order, if you use the plan for yourself, then you'll have a plan that will make you more profitable, and if you don't like it, then we'll keep the plan and give you at least $999 worth of value in other services we provide that can help you in other ways. So you get full value at the very minimum. Thereby, no risk to you.

Get Started Now, Order our Profix Maximizer Audit

Reputation Marketing Small Business Packages

$1250.00 USD
Small Business - Full Package
Includes Small Business - Package A: Yes! PLUS

Includes Small Business - Package B: Yes! PLUS

Includes Small Business - Package C: Yes! PLUS

Train Owner & Staff: Yes - Up to 10 Staff and Owners! PLUS

Dedicated Account Manager: Yes! PLUS

Priority Support - FREE: Yes! (upto $29.95 per incident value!!) PLUS

1 Free 30 Second Commercial Per Month: Yes! First One will be syndicated, optimized and marketed, so will stay online in front of people! PLUS

New Detailed Report each Month: Yes! Re-Ran and updated Monthly! $497 Value! PLUS

Includes 10X Social Cover Creation system: Yes!! a $397 per month value!! PLUS

1 Free Proximity Beacon: Yes! Includes Shipping you just pay for Processing and Setup (before shipped)!

A $12,392.87 Real World Value!! For Less than 1 part time employee, per month!

Pay for 6 Months get 10% off

Pay for 12 Months get 25% off PLUS FREE SETUP!
$97.00 USD
Small Business - Package A
Review Monitoring: Yes

Review Alerts: Yes

Review Videos: No

Branded Review Page: No

Train Owner & Staff: No

$2k Media Center: No

Posting Strategy - Website: No

Posting Strategy - Blog: No

Posting Strategy - Facebook: No

Posting Strategy - Twitter: No

Posting Strategy - Images: No

Review Report: Yes (Monthly)

Domain: None

Pay for 6 Months: Save $126.00 in First Year!

Pay for 12 Months: Save $285.00 in First Year!

$697.00 USD
Small Business - Package B
Includes Small Business - Package A: Yes!

Adds Branded Review Page: Yes

Adds Posting Strategy to Website: Yes

Adds Domain: Optional (on ours if you want)

Pay for 6 Months Save $876.00 in First Year!

Pay for 12 Months Save $2,1850.00 in First Year!

$997.00 USD
Small Business - Package C
Includes Small Business - Package A: Yes! PLUS

Includes Small Business - Package B: Yes! PLUS

Adds Review Videos: Yes! (1 per month - $2,197 Value) PLUS

Adds $2k Media Center: Yes! PLUS

Adds Posting Strategy to Blog: Yes! PLUS

Adds Posting Strategy to Facebook: Yes! PLUS

Adds Posting Strategy to Twitter: Yes!

Adds Posting Strategy converting to Images: Yes! PLUS

Pay for 6 Months and Save: $1,233.00 in First Year!

Pay for 12 Months and Save: $1,664.00 in First Year!