Years ago Bill Gates said, "Soon, if your business is not online it will be out of business!" - And everyday, businesses close their doors and go out of business, even after they go online. Why is that?

Website Development

The Reason is that not all websites are good websites.
Some businesses hire their family members to build them a website, because they took some course at a after school training like a vo-tech, or night-school training...

Why Does It Matter?

It matters because website design is not just about website design.
A proper website should have great navigation, fast loading speeds, amazing graphics that do not slow down the performance, a way for you to not lose people who leave, because most people, like around 90% Plus are going to leave right away, because they are just looking around, not yet 'Ready' to become your customer. So it is critical that you build in the systems to catch people before they leave, make the layout so they stay longer and look around, put videos online, to capture their attention, and so much more.

Here is an example:
Say you are looking for a Great Steak. So you find a great steakhouse and go to their website and when it first loads, you see a terrible looking website. Is that going to make you want to go there for their steaks? Probably it may leave a lot to be desired, so you leave and go to the next. Or say you go there and you don't see anything, but a terrible design, no food, you cannot find their address or phone number, you have no idea where they are located and you want to see if you need a reservation, but you cannot find it anywhere, in the first 20 seconds. What do you do? Most people leave! They go find another, who did it right!

A Proper Website is not built to be flashy, it is designed to be elegant, easy to navigation, easy for people to find out what you provide, how to contact you, and where you are located so they can come see you.
It also will have a way to follow them around after they leave. It will include systems that capture their attention and make them a fan of yours.

It does not matter what service you provide, you need to find out 3 things before you hire an agency or webdesign firm to build you the website you need.

1) What Do You Want People To See?

First decide who your ideal customers are, then find out what the majority of them are looking for in order to choose you, over all of your competition, then put together a solid campaign to capture their attention, move them to a list to follow them, and make sure they see what they are looking for. Provide them huge value, and get them to take action. If you don't know what you want them to see, it is time to start asking your ideal customers what made them choose you. Gather intel from people that you know are raving fans of yours. Build a list of charateristics that everyone says attracted them to your business, and then start taking that list and finding the most common things, there you have your idea of what you need to show people.

2) What is your average Yearly Value of a paying customer from Step 1 above?

If you get your ideal cusotmers, what is your average yearly value from that customer? Also, what is the average LIFETIME Customer Value of that customer?
Why do you need to know that?

Short answer, Budget. Here is a scale for you.

If your Yearly Customer Value is less than $2,000 then you go to your Lifetime Customer Value. If your Lifetime Customer Value is still less Then $2,000 then your budget for your website should be no more than $5,000 for a website that just helps you get as many of your ideal customers as possible, but there is problem. If your Lifetime Customer Value is Less then $2,000, then you need to come up with some more value for them, to get them to spend more money with you, because $2,000 over the life of a customer, is atrocious, you will need tons and tons of new ideal customers to stay in business, and the best way to grow your business is getting new customers in the front door, but brining back those customers, again and again and again. So if your $2,000 CLV (Customer lifetime value) needs to grow, then you need to invest into a funnel system. Something that can help you identify things you can offer your customer base, online, and offline, to increase that value, and your website needs to have that system setup. The Ideal Budget to build out a system like starts at $15,000 and then depending on all the bells and whistles, goes up from there.
If your Yearly Customer Value is more than $2,000 per year, then you should take 10 customers yearly value, and make that your budget, whatever your yearly customer value is, if it is $5,000 then your budget should be $50,000. Why? Because you want to get more than 10 customers each month, you want to fill your business with the most amount of people as you can, so that your investment in your website will pay off at least 10 fold, so $50,000 SHOULD earn you at least $500,000!

3) What is your Goal?

Okay, Step 2, may drop your jaw. So you need to find out your goal. If the goal for your website is just to be online, so people can see that you have a website, then forget all of this, just go with your family member and pay them a few dollars to slap something together. Then just before you see the writing on the wall that you should have went with step 2 above, don't close your doors, contact us and find out what we can do on a shoe-string budget. It may not be something that will earn you a fortune, but our show-string budget websites will still help you get some business, to be able to stay online. But you have to jump in, you cannot wait until the wolves are at the door and you have to file bankruptcy. Because a shoe-string budget website will take at least 3 months to start putting a bandaid on your gushing wound.

So before you start with steps 1 and 2, find your goal. Write them down. What do you want your webdsite to accomplish? Do you want it to be your 24/7 super salesrep?
Would you like a automated system to help you find and close new business on autopilot?

What We Do

We start with a Paid Consultation. Paid because you want us to work hard, find every issue you need to address, and come up with a strong plan of action, one you can use anywhere and take to anyone.

We Call this Consultation a Profit Maximizer Audit.

The cost for this Paid Consultation is $999 and for that you get our undivided attention, and we will help you come up with a rock solid plan of action.

If you hire our agency, we will apply your Profit Maximizer Audit investment to the service package, thereby making the audit, 100% FREE!

It is our way of making sure you have little risk.
That leaves most people wondering... Hmm, What if I hate their plan? Or what if it is not something I'm capable of doing? Or what if I think the plan stinks?

Then we will provide the same investment amount of value on services that we know can help you recoup that investment. Making it 100% Risk Free!

Our Packages we recommend are never just about a website. You don't need just a website, you need a whole plan of action. Then if you hire our agency to work on your plan of action, we do all of it, 100%, so that you can get everything you need.

Example of services we fulfill as part of a plan of action

1) Custom Website Development
2) Reputation Marketing
3) Social Media Creation or Makeover, Social Media Mangement, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization
4) Display Traffic, for Retargeting, installed on your website and optimized, $7,000 worth of Ads Created (66 Ads!!! for use with the display traffic - 22 for use with the retargeting)
5) Display Traffic, for Cold Traffic, installed on your behalf, and managed. The other 44 ads are used for the Cold Traffic, it is a great way to get you a lot more new customers, then we also retarget all the cold traffic!
6) Video Marketing
7) Content Marketing
8) SEO - Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
9) Social WiFi - Our Free Public WiFi System to help you build a massive list of people that come to your business and use your FREE WiFi!
10) Proximity Marketing, using Beacons, Digital Loyalty Punch Cards, GPS GeoFencing, QR Codes and even NFC Tags! - Full Technology!
11) Full Funnel System Design, Creation and Optimization
12) Automation of Funnel Marketing
13) Full Reporting of everything we do for you!

How We Work...

We Work For YOUR Company!
There are few things more important than saving money, when it comes to business, because you need to profit to pay your employees what they are worth, to keep your doors open, and to make a profit so you can feed your family and hopefully build a legacy.

Our Mission is to make working with us a win for everyone, and then us. So don't think we want you to open your coffers and dump your money into our wallets. Our goal is to build something for you, that will help you make a minimum of a 10x ROI.... so tt it is like a money print press. Of course, we cannot guarantee any ROI, but that is our main goal, because if we build something that works great for you, then you'll keep coming to us, thereby allowing us to create amazing jobs as well. Our hope is that as you make more profits, you'll provide raises to your employees, and expand to hopefully create more high paying jobs.

So get started by first getting us to do the Profit Maximizer Audit, again it is only $999 and is risk free, because if you hire us to work the plan on your behalf, thereby partnering with us, then we apply it towards the purchase order, if you use it for yourself, then you'll have a plan that will make you more profitable, and if you don't like it, then we'll keep it and give you at least $999 worth of value in other services we provide that can help you in other ways. So you get full value at the very minimum. Therefore, no risk.

Order our Profix Maximizer Audit