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Fresh Look for 2017!

We've updated our logo for 2017, we wanted to focus on opening up 250 new jobs for 2017, so we created a new logo to start appealing to more businesses, when you focus on the 4 angles of marketing, you can achieve true success in your respective community. Contact us to find out what 4 angles are new for 2017 that will change your business and help your community! We hope you love what we're doing and welcome you to join us at Actuated Marketing! Our Vision has not changed, see it here:

Our Vision:

To Help Communities Be Strong, By Helping Its Businesses Create A Marketing Plan, Then Putting That Plan Into Motion, To Create Strong Growth Each Quarter. So They Can Hire More and Pay More.

Old/New Look:

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Time and Unforeseen occurrences befall us all, in the Physical world. How about online? Do you know how many visitors visit your website? Do you know how long they stay?

Responsive Web Design

It is critical to your online marketing for search engines that your website be responsive, meaning it loads properly in every device, mobile...

Brand Optimization! Important!!

Owning a brand is beyond having a name, sign, term, design or symbol… or even a combination of these to identify your products and/or services and ...
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